My best friend

Throughout our life we know many people some people we identify  with them and have things in commun and formed a relationship called friendship.

I only have one brother, I wanted to have a sister but the life give me many friends especially two friends called Alejandra and Andreina.

Alejandra is a good friend from the school, we’ve had many experience together. She likes to help special needs in your family, She is a devoted mother a full time to her children Jesus Alejandro is my godson and Aaron.

Andreina, we’ve known since my first formal job in Atento Venezuela. I really admire a lot her because She is a intelligent, active and enterprising woman, when she wants something she gets. She is pregnant and your baby will be called Ignacio Matias.

I love so very much a my friends, I hope always to have her friendship.


Visit a Tobago

Tobago is a island, Its is two hours and belongs to Trinidad. Last year in Noviembre, we went a weekend a tobago. We stayed in a Beautiful and amazing hotel called Coco Ref.

We had never been to Tobago, we arrived on saturday in the morning. Immediately we started to enjoy all.

The room is big appearance a house, Its has living room a kithen and two bathrooms.

Quiet and wonderful beach with crystal blu waters, whites sands. We could see the fish diferent colours. My daughter was with her father almost all dia inside the beach. She loves the sea as her father.





The last weekend was very active, we made thing en couple because my parents in law are in Trinidad. They take care of my daughter and also we made things together.

The Friday, we were in Arapita, We went a Stumblin, a nice bar with good music and  fine ambient.

In Trinidad many people like to go out at night every place was crowded. In stumblin we were dancing some songs Latinas.

On Saturday we went with parents in law in Trincity a big mall with many shops. We ate some snack . My daughter was playgames. She loves it. At night we went Movi town here ate a delicious soup lobster while enjoying a concert of calypso.

And finally on Sunday we went to the beach Maracas, with some friends of Austin and others friends, it was an amazing day plenty of sunshine. I like this weekend.






23 St. Mary’s Road,

Dublin 4, Irelan

Tuesday, 10 May

Dear Stephanie

How are you? I’m very well. I came to Dubblin two weeks ago to study at a language school. I want to learn English because it’s a very important language. I’m stay with an Irish Family. They’ve got two sons and a daughter. Mr Kendall is a teacher and Mrs Kendall works in a hospital. The Irish are very kind, but they speak very quickly!.

I study in the morning. My teacher’s name is Ann. She says me that my English is Ok , but I have a lot of mistakes.

Ann doesn’t give us too much homework, so in the afternoons I always go sightsseing. Dublin is much bigger than my town. I like painting very much and I’m very interested in modern art, so I visit galleries and museums. I’ve met a girl named Martina. She comes from Spain and goes to Trinity College. Last night we went to the cinema, but the film wasn’t very exciting.

Do you like to visit me? Why don’t you come for a weekend?

I’d love to see you.

Write to me soon.

Love, Kati




My favorite hobby

Mi favorite hobby is the Yoga. The yoga is a traditional discipline physical and mental that originated in India. The word is associated with meditative practices in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

I started practicing yoga since I was in the University, I had  an elective and always i identified with that discipline.

According to an editorial written by Mario Alonso Puig, specialist in brain surgery “Reinvent doesn’t mean becoming someone other than who you are, but bring out our true self”

Since the first class I start to see the results, each session will explore a new feeling and the body, mind and spirit enjoys .

In Caracas most of the time I practiced the weekeedns mi teacher’s name is Amadeo Porras their classes are amazing and you end up with a sense of inner peace and externally.

Now in Trinidad sometimes I’m going to a yoga class, the classes are most intesive but I like.

“The yoga doesn’t remove us from the reality or responsabilities of every day life but puts our feet firmly and resolutely in the practical ground of experience. We not transcend our lives, back to the lives we have left behind in the hope of something better.” Donna Farhi



My last holiday

In Decembre 20 we went to Caracas to enjoy the holiday in our home and with the family.

After 4 months away longed to return, the flight was delayed and We arrived 2 hours after but happy. In the airport my inlaws were waiting.

My daugther was happy because She has missed much everything of your life in Venezuela. In those days we are doing many things, sharing with family and friends. One day we went to the movies to see “The good Dinosaur” excellent movie.

We Share with our family at dinner and christmas and new year.

Another day we went to Galipan is a place amazing located in The Avila. we went with our  group always  Joe, Isa, Carmen Edwar my godson Dereck, Valeria and Keany. We ate in a nice restaurant with great food and imprecionante view of the beautiful city of Caracas.The children rode horses y they ate strawberries and cream.

The time was fast and in a blink of an eye we had back to Trinidad to take up the challenge of learning english.


The magical City

I come from Caracas, the beautiful city with many people i the street an acelerated pace of life each in his own.

Sometimes i wanted escape from busy life, but now that i am away i miss everything the warmtn that still retains its people, i miss the street, their places i miss my family and friends.

One of my favorite places in this magical city is called emblem and green lung of the city “Avila” . It is a huge and amazing mountain within the different activities can be performed as one of the main attractions of the capital of Venezuela. You can upload it on foot, by cable car or truck rustica, i prefer upload it on foot, i feel that enjoy more, breathe the fresh air that give me.

If someday you visit Caracas don’t  forget to visit this wonderful work of nature.