Stress is good

Would be detrimental to our welfare eliminate stress from our lives. Without a good dose of stress thrust, creativity and adaptability be lost.

There is a kind of good stress: the Eutres that appears when we respond positively to the changes of life, developing skills and abilities while we gain experience.

The eutres is the ideal condition where there is control and effective response.

To take advantage of the good face of stress helps a lot to learn to breathe, work, self-esteem, practice gratitude and laugh as much as we can. And it refers to maintain a constant curiosity in everything that happens to us to make sense of life.


Activates your Parasympathetic

Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional, unpleasant things are part of life and what we do with them is our case.

While we are alive, we love and relate to the world, there is no way to escape the physical and mental discomfort that bring unpleasant events, often beyond our control. Buda sai These are the first darts of existence. The latter are those most painful darts we launched ourselves: are our reactions to those first punctures.

We have the power to bring the body, the brain and mentea a state of relaxation and tranquility.
relax, breathe make great exhalations or touching your lips in times of stress or anger has proven effective. You can also evoke images of tranquility or think about that special person or place you a refuge in the most distressing moments


The switch in your head

Once we have put attention on things that happen to us?

Beyond any situation it is important to recognize the additive which means your perception on the matter.

Marco Aurelio philosopher said: if you feel hurt by things, are not these that bother you, but your own judgment about them. ay is in your power to change that judgment now.

Make the conscious exercise of autoobservarte and detect the automatic reaction that arises when you perceive something that displeases

By design we have the ability to reduce emotional outbursts and our mood, but even better, the power reprocess perceptions to feel better.


Which is your Refuge

There are moments in life that it rains heavily (literary expression)

Grey days, those are the times when we have to take shelter until escampe.

where do you find refuge?  psychologist Tara Brach said : that place is in full consciousness of this, what happens at every moment as it happens though is an emotional flood.

Psychologist Rick Hanson said: is natural to experience some turbulence, noches dark soul or lack of floor Eerie, as the old beliefs crumble. At times like these, you hold your shelter and help ride out the storm.


Enjoy it and not get Resistance

Change is the only constant, so it is better to move with change rather than resist it. And while there are times when these changes can be anticipated, at other times it takes us by surprise.

Apropos of the crisis in Venezuela, people have gone through many drastic changes, although at some point we believed that we imagine not reached such magnitudes.

Many people have developed the creativity and have grown in the midst of the crisis, as a famous phrase of Albert Einstein says: Only in times of crisis arise great minas.

Not only is the crisis brings opportunities, but also shows how we are made.


Inspirulina IX

Life is to Risk:

Life is to risk, how you to see. Taken the wheel, starting a relationship, change to work, open a company, have sons.  Grow and become what we are q risk and fear the risk is naturally, but as you’ve won and you lost with that fear?

Pretend that we live on the margins of risk is a way to slowly turn.
When we explore something new, move along an uncertain ground where aprendemoa and exercise all our resources.
There are no guarantees of success but the result can be fabulous. In any case, it’s probably better to stay inmovily observe life passing you along.


Inspirulina VIII

The “Because” way

Why sometimes we too think in the place where we want to, we miss  the best landscape.

we have two purposes internal and external. The purpose external is about our goals and ilusions future, while internal is about at level of consciousness that we achieve in this time of travel. It is important in every activity we do to be present consciously and enjoy each minute of our life. The only time that matters is the now..We give thanks every day for the things we have, enjoy a new dawn and live each day as if it were your last.


Inspirulina VII

Not only worth the Good morning: 

For many reasons we like the fantasy, because it captivates us with the illusion of a certain perfection, also because it gives us the impression that things are better elsewhere. bad times we have all the difference is in how we can fertilize in the moment.

Isn’t a secret: the time bad or difficult are that bring the most profound learning, because in the fullness and prosperity fresh air caresses, but we not always appreciate. However when the cold and darkness probably knows the breeze takes another perspective. If you think thay many people have been able to skip the bad experiences to reach a state of perfect lighting, you are buying a fantasy.


Inspirulina part V

For many reasons we like fantasies, including that captivate us with the illusion of a certain perfection. Also because in its game of mirrors give us the impression that things are better elsewhere. The image of the greener grass on the neighbor’s yard is nothing but a trip we do ourselves, because in reality, we have all withered leaves. The difference is how we can fertilize and The difference is how we can fertilize and when.
It’s no secret: those difficult times that bring deeper learning. 

if you are looking for is to avoid at all costs the pain and suffering, are driving at full speed against a wall. And if you think some people have been able to skip the bad experiences to reach a state of perfect lighting you are buying a fantasy.

Because in the fullness and prosperity fresh air caresses, but not always appreciate. But when the cold is known and darkness that same breeze acquires another perspective.